Frank Manzelli (5th Degree Black Belt)

 Frank Manzelli has over 45 years of martial arts experience and is a level 1 crossfit instuctor. 

He has been in business for over 25 years and has been a 5 time national and world champion in sport karate in organizations in such organizations as NASKA-Krane and NBL as well as the World Kempo Federation. 

Shihan Manzelli loves teaching, so if you like learning, lets get together and make it happen. 


Kelly (1st Degree Black Belt)

Kelly has always been an active and competitive athlete, participating in multiple sports from a young age until high school. She found her passion and competitive drive for fitness and kickboxing at TJ's Body Shop, 3 years ago. Since then Kelly has worked hard to become a certified personal trainer through AAPT of Boston and successfully earned a black belt in Thai Kickboxing. She especially enjoys using her passion, desire, and drive to motivate other towards reaching their health and fitness goals.  

Liam (1st Degree Black Belt)

I am Liam I have been working out and teaching at Tokyo Joe's Elite Fitness for the past 4 years. I have a black belt in Thai Kickboxing and I have a strong interest in teaching physical fitness and Kickboxing/ Boxing. I recently finished an undergraduate degree  in Nutritional Sciences and am currently pursuing my masters degree in public health with a focus in dietetics. I enjoy helping people to reach their goals and develop a healthier lifestyle. Tokyo Joe's provides an excellent physically demanding work out in  a small close knit atmosphere where each student can receive the individual attention that they require. I look forward to working with you! 

Tony Gao (2nd Degree Black Belt)

Tony first started his journey at Tokyo Joe's in 3rd grade and has 10 years of teaching experience ever since he earned his black belt in 2008. He is currently studying in college but his enthusiasm for teaching others martial arts and fitness hasn't diminished and he looks forward to working with you in the future!

Daniel Artamonova (1st Degree Black Belt)

Rachel Miller (1st Degree Black Belt)

Rachel is a Sophomore at Belmont High School and has been doing karate for six years earning her first degree black belt. She started doing karate because she was interested in knowing how to defend herself, however she feels like karate has also helped to improve her self confidence and her self discipline. Rachel likes to spend her time outside of karate reading and spending time with her friends, including those she's made while doing karate!