Discussing the Dangers of Online Gambling With Teenagers and College Students

online gambling

Teenagers and college-age students have easy access to online and real-world gambling, and it is essential to discuss the risks associated with gambling with them. Fortunately, there are resources available to help you understand the dangers of online gambling, and find out what options are available to help you stop. If you feel that you may have developed an addiction to online gambling, consult your primary care provider for advice. In addition to finding a treatment program in your city, you may also want to look at additional online materials.

According to a study by the Annenberg Public Policy Center, more than 20% of college students have accessed an online casino or gambling site in the last month. While this number is not representative of the general population, the study shows that the growth in online gambling among young people has been increasing. In 2010, more than 530,000 college-aged male students visited online gambling websites at least monthly, up from less than one percent in 2008.

While most countries around the world have laws restricting online gambling, several states in the United States and Canada have made the practice legal. Several Caribbean countries in the European Union have also approved the practice. Online gambling service providers must obtain a license in order to operate in these jurisdictions.