Connecticut Online Poker

Despite the recent passage of the gaming bill in Connecticut, the state still lacks the requisite legislative approval to launch online poker. Lawmakers are waiting for a final ruling on the Wire Act before they can move forward. While there are many positive aspects to Connecticut’s potential for online poker, the state’s small population could make the launch of the first poker sites on the market a longshot.

There are other states where online poker is already legal. Pennsylvania is working toward legalizing online poker, and Nevada and New Jersey have already established a shared player pool for operation. If the state of Connecticut wants to participate, however, the path is open. The state’s lawmakers have been open to shared liquidity possibilities.

Whether or not the state can launch online poker depends on the state’s ability to enter into multi-state agreements. If the state does not enter into such an agreement, then Connecticut’s operator would have to create two separate sites. Alternatively, they could combine their player pools with those of other states.

Connecticut’s online poker market is relatively small, but it’s an option that would likely appeal to operators. With shared liquidity possibilities, the state might be an interesting market for operators to enter.

While the Connecticut gaming bill does not mention shared liquidity opportunities, it does not prohibit mobile play. Connecticut’s population is 3.5 million, and that is considered a relatively small market. While it is possible for CT operators to launch two separate sites, it is likely that they will not be able to gather a large player pool before shared liquidity is implemented.