Teen & Adult Martial Arts/Elite Fitness

Teen and Adult Karate

Tokyo Joes program is an individualized comprehensive martial arts training for beginners through black belt. This unique program teaches survival skills and importance of life lessons, such as following through while building self confidence and healthy habits for life.

We Utilize the Dragons Eye Total Training Fitness Approach

  • Training: Utilizing the combination of multiple sports and fitness methods focused on personal athletic enhancement.
  • Warm up and Conditioning : Movements to help elevate heart rate and increase blood flow to the muscles to prepare the body for stretching and further physical application training.
  • Stretching and Flexibility: Training benefits include increased range of motions, as well as decreasing chance of injury.
  • Karate Striking Techniques : Taught by experienced instructors focused on footwork, cardio and agility training, this portion of the class will help you learn the anatomical approach to generate your body’s power, and apply it to impact striking. This is an outstanding addition to your total overall training.
  • Functional Movement and Strength Training: Strengthening your body from inside out, core to extremities. These exercises are multi joint movements that require multiple muscle groups that trigger some of the highest levels of hormonal and neurological responses in all of sports. And these exercises are built around everyday movement patterns.

Examples include squatting; which is starting out in a seated position and standing up, as well as the clean and press; which is taking an object from floor to overhead.

Training Under the Dragon’s Eye

One on One / Group / Small Group Training

First and foremost is your instructor’s knowledge and motivation, working together with your desire and determination, to achieve desired results.

Fitness equipment used during classes includes:

Kettle bells, steps, Box Jumps, Medicine balls, pull up bars, Olympic free weights, dumbbells, hammers and tires, sleds, squat and bench racks, as well as rings and fitness ropes.

Personal training and elite fitness concepts as well as impact striking, jump ropes, focus pads, punching bags, are all incorporated in a systematic approach that we will apply throughout your journey from start to fitness.