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Customize Your Workouts And Enjoy The Private Setting Of Our Personal Training Program

Looking for a little extra to help you see real results? Then join us at Tokyo Joe's today for our Personal Training program, where you can rely on one-on-coaching from our professional staff and a customized fitness plan that makes YOU the only priority. Whether you're searching for strength, conditioning, or flexibility, we can help you accomplish and exceed your goals.

Our Personal Training is available for men and women across Belmont and Waltham - regardless of your age or fitness level!

How Does Our Personal Training Work?

We'll start with a consultation session where you can identify your goals and reasons for training as well as the things that have held you back in the past. 

From there, we'll create a system of individualized workouts built specifically around your goals and needs. That means no wasted movements and no "busy work," training where you're just running in circles and not directly working toward your mission.

Our Personal Training is designed to help you feel comfortable during each and every workout and give you professional support every step of the way.

At Tokyo Joe's, you'll enjoy: 

  • Efficient and effective workouts
  • Unwavering support and accountability
  • Feedback and professional coaching
  • Sustainable results like never before

Learn More About Our Personal Training In Belmont Or Reserve Your Free Trial Today! 

Don't feel boxed into your workouts any longer. Take on a customized approach and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. With our Personal Training program, we are proud to serve men and women across Belmont and Waltham, helping you see results like never before.

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