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Kids Martial Arts Belmont

Frank is an amazing karate teacher. Thanks to Franks teaching ability, which is outstanding, my son at age six was winning national karate tournaments. I would highly recommend Tokyo Joe's in Belmont.

Larry W.

Kids Martial Arts Belmont

Frank is excellent. Can't wait to come back here!

Micah K.

Kids Martial Arts Belmont

My young daughters started at Tokyo Joe's a few months ago and they LOVE it.  Shihan Frank is awesome with the kids.  He keeps them moving, teaches discipline and karate skills and it's fun for all involved.  I highly recommend Tokyo Joe's!

Dan A.

Kids Martial Arts Belmont

Best place ever to get your workout done without even realizing you are working out. Frank and Chuck are amazing!

Fabi S.

Kids Martial Arts Belmont

A great martial arts classes for kids from 4 and up, and a fantastic workout  for adults. Frank really knows his stuff and has over 30 years of experience in the professional industry.

Anastasia Z.

Kids Martial Arts Belmont

Gained 15-20 pounds of muscle after working out here for almost a year and my golf game improved enough for me to win multiple tournaments. Frank is a great motivator.

John P.

Kids Martial Arts Belmont

My daughter has been coming to Tokyo Joe's for over a year now.  Frank is a great teacher and mentor. My daughter is not only learning karate and self discipline but also I have noticed a huge difference in her athleticism.  I would highly recommend Tokyo's Joe's! It has been an all around great experience!

Karen C.

Kids Martial Arts Belmont

I highly recommend this Martial Arts School. I have been training with them for several years now and I'm still as motivated as day one. I love the adult courses because we don't just do the same thing lesson after lesson. The variety keeps me interested and keeps me coming back every week.

Garry J.

Kids Martial Arts Belmont

I began training at Tokyo Joe's in August of 2013. I am 74 and was in need of an improvement of my physical fitness and balance. In the past 5 months, I have had an incredible increase in strength, endurance, and balance. My vitality has dramatically improved, and I cannot remember feeling as good as I feel today since I was in my 20's. The workout that I do is very intense and utilizes every part of my body. The instructor, Chuck Bonica, is extremely professional and understands when you can speed up and when you need to slow down. I have had many other experiences with trainers, but none to compare with this one.

Richard R.

Kids Martial Arts Belmont

Frank is a fitness genius.  Five months ago, I  started a two day per week program with him.  Frank identified my physical weaknesses and strengths.  His analysis and solutions were right on the mark. 

The improvement was fast. The workouts are fun, address all parts of the body, and are surprisingly easy.  If you want to see a big change in your athletic capabilities in a short period of time, go to Tokyo Joe's.

Marguerite P.

Kids Martial Arts Belmont

I came back in February to get my body back into shape. This place is perfect for total body workout. Also, this might be the only CrossFit that includes kickboxing. The kickboxing is the most fun I have while working out but it will also include weights and cardio. I recommend this to anyone at any level of fitness who wants to try CrossFit at a reasonable price. You will not find a better studio anywhere else.

Bryan B.

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